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Great news! We’re moving and modernising!

It has been brilliant for us as to be located in our beautiful rural location at The Old Dairy at Pessall Farm for the past 7 years, but lots of lessons were learnt during lockdown, and one of the biggest ones for us is that we needed to be even more accessible to our clients. Hence, we have taken this step.

What happened?

In our determination to continue serving our customers during lockdown, we, like everyone else in the country, embraced digital interaction, as an alternative to our treasured face to face service provision. We adjusted well, and were able to maintain good relationships and deliver work to our traditionally excellent standards. However, we learnt quite quickly that being so far from a strong, constantly reliable internet signal created some difficulty – especially if we wanted to host multiple virtual conferences and calls. Whilst we were able to ‘get around’ these previously unknown issues, Managing Director Sarah Rheeston said “It quickly became apparent that it was just not good enough for our clients. We have always prided ourselves on “being there” when you need us, and we felt we lost some of that crucial responsiveness, so we began to search for something better.”

Where are you going?

Not far away! Our new address from Monday 31st January will be Griffin House, Number 2, Rawdon Road, Moira. DE12 6DQ. This is a small collection of companies, still based in the East Midlands, but closer to modern facilities. It is still a central location, so that we are able to disperse out from there when our on-site presence is required.

What will be different?

Besides the obvious geographical difference, there is much to look forward to! Our new base is much more accessible, which is important in adverse weather, as we found out in recent years.

We have mentioned the internet a few times now, but, going forward, it really is essential that we are able to provide reliable, secure and private meetings, whether in Teams or Zoom format, and that this is sustainable until safe face to face engagements can be re-established. Our focus remains the ability to dispense accurate, up to date advice and guidance to businesses on a large or small scale. We believe that this move allows for this, as well as the ability to easily absorb any future changes with minimal disruption to our clients

How will that benefit me?

We believe that removing as many difficulties as possible is the best way to serve our clients. This new location offers wider scope for meetings, interactions and secure, professional service provision.

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