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This is how ERA worked on the closure of Monarch Airlines

Following strong work on an insolvency case with Jones Bootmaker UK footwear stores, ERA Solutions were once again contacted by KPMG to work on the closure of Monarch Airlines and Monarch Holidays. This was a high-profile case as Monarch Airlines’ financial problems were reported widely in the media.

ERA Solutions Receives the Monarch Airlines Case

KPMG brought the controversial Monarch Airlines insolvency case to ERA Solutions on 2nd October 2017. 1900 Monarch Airlines employees and 149 Monarch Holidays employees were affected in several locations across the UK. Only 24 hours after we received the brief, the ERA team were split across the country to Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds Bradford, London Gatwick, Luton and Stockport; ensuring that we were flexible to Monarch and KPMG’s tight deadlines.

Overcoming Obstacles with Monarch Airlines Administration

ERA Solutions liaised with the Monarch Airlines administration and were involved in checking and processing Monarch employee claims, taking on additional hours, utilising the whole ERA team, recruiting a new full-time team member to ERA Solutions and enlisting the help of experienced freelance insolvency professionals, which ERA have longstanding relationships with.

Due to KPMG’s duty to report the Monarch Airlines case to the transport minister, tight deadlines had to be met and efficiency, as well as care to employees, was paramount.

The Monarch Insolvency Case is Resolved

The feedback on our work from the Redundancy Payments Office was positive, particularly because ERA had payments made on a timely basis, based on the information that was received.

“It was a teambuilding exercise for ERA because we learned how to adapt to deal with a different format of information and help each other, working as a team on this case.” – Sarah Rheeston ERA Managing Director.

With over 50 years’ experience in Employment Rights, the ERA team are an ideal partner to Insolvency Practitioners, offering all aspects of solutions to employee matters, including an onsite service if required. Contact us to find out more.

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